Brexit, what does that mean?

What will be the impact on the transportation of goods?


The United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union and therefor also exit the customs union as per 31st of January 2020. Till December 31st 2020 preparations can be taken in order to prepare for the Brexit. In the meantime, the United Kingdom and the European Union are to settle on a trade agreement. Till the Brexit comes into effect the United Kingdom will keep the benefits equal to any other EU member state. An extension of the transition period will not be requested by the United Kingdom. Expectations are that by the end of 2020 an initial trade agreement will be drafted. Further expansion of the trade agreement(s) and additional details still need to be made. Fact of the matter is that Brexit will have an impact both on a logistical- and economic levels.

Once Brexit takes into effect the free movement of goods no longer applies. From that day onwards the import and export of goods is only possible once a customs declaration has been completed. The associated procedures and import tariffs are part of the negotiations currently ongoing between the European Union and the United Kingdom. It is not yet entirely clear what the agreement will ultimately look like, but it is clear that changes will occur.

News and developments regarding Brexit are closely monitored by KLG Europe. We will keep the website up to date and share the latest developments via this website. If there are any questions, please contact KLG.

As an active logistics service provider, preparations for the Brexit have been a long time coming. One thing is certain; At KLG we are fully prepared! We have set up our customs clearance in such a way that KLG keeps matters in our own hands and is not dependent on third parties. Curious how we will arrange your customs clearance after Brexit? We would like to get in contact with you so that we can offer tailored work that best fits your needs. 


  • Expansion of customs team (expertise in-house).KLG already expands its customs team in the Netherlands to be able to absorb the impact of Brexit.
  • Own customs permits (in charge). Our office in Bradford (united Kingdom) has its own customs permits and can provide import, export and transit documents.
  • Unique NBCC membership (accurate information). KLG has become the first and thus far only logistics related member of the NBCC (Netherlands Britisch Chamber of Commerce), allowing for faster flow of information regarding Brexit developments.
  • Own direction (greater influence as a whole). In order not to be dependent on the limited capacity of customs brokers and other external factors, KLG has decided to keep customs clearance under its own management. This benefits the speed of customs formalities.
  • Connecting Customs software (optimal performance guaranteed). KLG has already connected its customs software directly to both the Dutch- and United Kingdom customs system.
  • Autohorization (optimal serivice). You can authorize KLG to take care of customs clearance for all your UK shipments. 

We are happy to help you! Here you will find a link to the authorization form, please return it completed and signed copy to us when you want to make use of our services.

What does the 2020 agenda regarding Brexit look like?

The agenda below has been drawn up with precision. However, given the rapidly following developments regarding Brexit, it is possible that these time plans may deviate at some point.

  • March 1, 2020: The negotiation rounds start after the mandate has been approved.
  • June 2020: An assessment will follow.
  • November 26, 2020: The trade agreement is due to be presented to the European Parliament this week.
  • December 31, 2020: Is there a trade agreement after Brexit?

Curious about more ins and outs? We would like to keep you informed of the latest developments via the 'news' page. For more current information click here for news.